Taxes for Catses

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Nonsense about the revenue status of pet cats
Mini text-books:
A general purpose programming book, using C# and the Unity3D game engine for the examples
Longish guide to math using 3D vectors, angles and Quaternions; with examples in the Unity3D game engine
Short notes on coding:
A short description of the main differences and philosophy
It's all just event-based C# coding, serialization for automatic set-up, and standard game APIs.
People keep recommending these. They're hoping you can figure them out, then explain it to them.
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Julia the ferret, aged roughly 4 yrs. in this photo. Now deceased. Died of ferret old age.

Not mine, but my cat seemed to like her.

Reviews of Clash-like cell-phone games, and Female-vampire-detective novels


General Comments. Or email The Intro to Programming and the Vectors/Rotations sections have their own comment areas.