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Never get a web page. After you put up the stuff you wanted to, it will look empty. You'll think it will take just a little big of time to add some fluff to fill it out a bit. This is probably also a good reason not to buy a big house.



Ramblings in the clash-like freemium game genre. If you look at people's lists of related games, it's like they're picking things at random. Sure, designers will claim anything is a Rogue-like, but that's them trying to sell their game. And sure, most games are sort of like one thing and sort of like something else. But clash-like is a genre, darn it, and the definition isn't "has barbarians."


The urban fantasy romance sub-genre. Pop-corn fiction books have always been about authors looking at what's popular and giving people more of it. The good ones naturally grab a little bit of everything -- epic quest, hero with a troubled past, girl dressed as a boy, Aragorn analogue, ophans with unknown parentage, empire built on a dark secret, extreme Wesley-Crusher-itis. SteamPunk is sort of a genre, but it's really just a series of themes - the actual elements and plots vary wildly. It's pretty neat when someone sees a whole book they can repurpose and add to, then someone does the same, and pretty soon an organic sub-genre springs up.


Misc Mobile game reviews.